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You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is five years old and trying his best. But things just don’t seem to go his way: his kite won’t fly, the Little Red-Haired Girl won’t look at him, and he’s not even sure his dog Snoopy likes him all that much!

With a charming book and sophisticated, hilarious score brought to life by our wonderful five-piece band, Clark Gesner’s 1967 musical based on Charles M. Schulz’s beloved Peanuts characters urges us to find happiness in the everyday and serves as a reminder that we’re all just grown-up children trying our best to figure it out.

"Familiar and fun, this is a show that comforts your nostalgic inner child while welcoming the newer generations with open arms."


Bess: The Other Houdini

The startling true story of Harry Houdini’s beloved wife and her breakdown in the aftermath of his death. The world knew Bess as Houdini’s loyal partner, both on and off stage, his inspiration, his guiding star. Or was their perfect marriage their greatest illusion?

It is 1929, the height of the Spiritualist frenzy. Houdini has been dead for two years and all attempts to contact him have failed. Yet surely if anyone can break through from the Other Side, it’s Harry…


"Innovative direction by Mark Giesser and the cast must be complimented on their performance."
"Depth, poignancy and humour that goes further than Chekhov’s original."
This performance is kindly presented as a fundraiser for Upstairs at the Gatehouse.
All proceeds go towards the theatre's maintenance and upgrades.


The Mother of Kamal

January 19 - 28

Songs for a New World

February 6 - March 3

In Clay

In Clay

March 13 - April 7

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