Elton John – It’s A Little Bit Funny


The Review Chap

“Martin Kaye gives a tour de force performance as Elton John… He is, without a doubt, a consummate performer – musician, raconteur, comedian and all-round unique talent…” Read more 

The Up Coming
“Packed with emotion, Elton John: It’s A Little Bit Funny is one of those shows that comes by every so often, infuses its magic on those who are lucky to witness its presence, and leaves its mark on the world…” Read more 

Reviews Gate
“As Fats Waller said once upon a time the joint upstairs at the Gatehouse is currently jumping while this energetic revue starring Martin Kaye is taking place…”Read more

The Spy In The Stalls
“It’s poignant, entertaining, exciting and, often, ‘it’s a little bit funny’…” Read more

Number 9 Reviews
“Great balls of fire, what a show! ‘It’s A Little Bit Funny’ is a one man musical extravaganza…” Read more

My Theatre Mates
“Martin Kaye enthrals his audience at Upstairs at the Gatehouse as he spins the tale of Elton John’s ascendance into global super stardom, complete with pitfalls along the way….”Read more

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