The Girl On The Train Reviews

“An amazing cast giving some of the best acting you will see in a London theatre coupled with glorious production details… this really was theatre perfection”
All That Dazzles

“Classy thriller with an exciting denouement and a satisfying conclusion’”
London Pub Theatres

“Best-selling Paula Hawkins novel turned movie The Girl On The Train has gained fans everywhere, and thankfully the theatre adaptation also doesn’t disappoint”
The Reviews Hub

“There are twists and turns a plenty and I have to say, without irony or agenda, that it is pretty true to the original. For the few that haven’t seen or read the book, you are in for a great night on the town!”
London Theatre Reviews

“Katie Ray gives a truly outstanding performance as Rachel Watson, bringing out every available nuance in the character”
Theatre Weekly

“Katie Ray shined as lead Rachel, giving a truly memorable performance”
“A thrilling watch”
North West End

“Katie Ray gives a strong, convincing performance as Rachel, carrying the production with a mix of fragility, humour and dogged determination to fill in the gaps in her story”
Box Office Radio

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