Naked Justice


Corinne Burton Memorial Trust presents….


Due to the Government’s extension to the Coronavirus protocols, we are now unable to host the production of ‘Naked Justice’. For those of you who bought tickets for either 16th , 17th or 18th July there are three options.

  1. Do nothing; the price of your tickets will be considered a donation to Upstairs at the Gatehouse  –  there is no further Government financial assistance to cover our losses between 21st June and 19th July.
  2. Donate the ticket money to the Corinne Burton Memorial Trust (the charity that would have benefitted from any profit made by the production of ‘Naked Justice’). Please let us know by email if you prefer this option.
  3. Request a refund of the ticket price. If you do require a refund please e-mail us your phone number as these refunds will need to be processed over the phone.

Please let us know which option you prefer. Upstairs at the Gatehouse is still open under current Covid restrictions and, Government promises permitting, we will be fully open from 27th July.