Devised & directed by John Plews   Written by Jennifer Selway  Produced by Ovation

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Auditions at The Gatehouse 10th/11th October. Recalls 13th October
Rehearsals at The Gatehouse London N6 4BD    25th Nov. – 14th Dec
Playing at The Gatehouse: 14th Dec. 2022  –  15th January 2023  (36 perfs.)

Jukebox show set in a coffee bar on Carnaby Street during the era of ‘swinging London’.
Act 1: 1965  /  Act 2:  1967  |  Five piece band (rhythm section + reeds + guitar)

Six characters:

Bobby: Just arrived in London from Liverpool looking to make his name as a photographer in the sixties style of David Bailey. Cheeky scouser who name drops (“big mates with Ringo”) plays guitar, Beatle haircut, he quickly fits into ‘Swingin’ London.
Playing age 20 – 22. Actor musician with strong pop vocals; and guitar to a reasonable standard.

Sam: Black American ex US serviceman from Detroit who was stationed at the US Air Force base in High Wycombe. Did his three years and decided to stay on in the UK, conveniently missing the Vietnam draft.  Works in the coffee bar.
Playing age 22 – 24. Strong pop/soul vocals and strong dance & tap skills required.

Cassie: Black Londoner, she works in a trendy boutique in Carnaby Street but has big ambitions to be a fashion designer. Born in Jamaica but arrived, aged four, in London with her mother in 1951. Her Dad arrived on the Windrush in 1948.
Playing age 20 – 22. Strong pop/soul vocals and dance (inc Jive) skills required.

Hetty: A Jewish widow in her early forties who runs the ‘Four Eyes’ Coffee Bar. Vocalist with the big bands before and during WW2, but her husband didn’t make it back from the 1944 Italian campaign. She never remarried, ended up with the coffee bar and is a mother figure to all her regulars. 
Playing age 40 – 45. Strong vocals and movement skills required.

The parts of Joanna and Vera have been cast

Please submit your application and CV to Pearson Casting: