At Upstairs at the Gatehouse
Produced by Ovation 

All enquiries to be sent to Pearson Casting

Ovation are producing the musical FIVE GUYS NAMED MOE by Clarke Peters to run Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate, North London.   

Director & Choreographer is Mykal Rand;   Musical Director – TBA   

Strong vocal skills and strong dance skills are essential for this production.  

Five Guys Named Moe is a celebration of the music of Louis Jordan and the songs have a 40s & 50’s feel; a mix of jazz, soul, swing, R&B and Rock ‘n Roll.  We are looking for a black male cast with an African-American feel.  The plot features an all-male five piece singing group who appear out of the radio to educate the character Nomax teaching him the facts of life.   Good American accents are required.   Louis Jordan is sometimes referred to as the Grandfather of rock ‘n roll. His style influenced a whole generation of American and British R&B/Jazz groups from Bill Haley to Chris Barber.  Jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane and Ray Charles credited Louis Jordan as one of their influences. The show is a treasure trove of Jordan’s greatest hits.


Character Breakdown

Four-Eyed Moe: Has been around the block. A wise guy. He has a quick tongue and a razor-sharp wit. Tenor.

Big Moe: The leader of the Moes. Authoritative, cool, slightly older. Bass/baritone.

No Moe:The dapper, smooth Moe. Great tap dancer. The storyteller. Baritone/tenor.

Eat Moe: Merry and overweight, dreams of food.  Baritone/tenor

Little Moe: The youngest and smallest. Full of energy. Cheeky. Tenor.

Nomax: A gloomy man whose demeanor changes after the Five Guys Named Moe enter his life (Baritone/tenor). Age 30-45

Vocal ranges are interchangeable and the above is only a guide.  

Moe’s ages can be between 25 and 45



Auditions: Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate, London, N6 4BD

Auditions: 6th / 7th / 8th October (daytime)

Recalls:  Tuesday 12th October (daytime)

Rehearsals: Upstairs at the Gatehouse 23rd November – 15th December

Playing: Upstairs at the Gatehouse 15th December 2021 – 16th January 2022. There will be 34 performances (there are several ‘two-show’ days).

Because of the current Covid situation we will be asking cast members to keep travelling to a minimum.  Masks will need to be worn wherever possible.   We will expect all company members to be double vaccinated and practice Covid safe guidelines. Everybody must be extremely sensible when not at the theatre. The company will consist of six cast members, five musicians, two stage management and one technician.   The audience will wear masks and there will be sanitizers throughout the building.  The FOH and box office staff (3) will ensure the building is kept clean and Covid safe at all times.